Coastal Erosion Consulting, Eastham


DCI staff reviewed the impact of a proposed parking lot and beach access in the Town of Eastham at the request of its Conservation Commission.


The proposed recreational area consisted of a 200 car parking lot set back 100 feet from the top of the 50-foot coastal bank with access to the beach at the foot of the bank. The coastal bank is eroding at approximately one foot per year.

DCI staff also reviewed the impact of the proposed facility’s construction on the bank, and provided recommendations for minimizing the impact on the coastal bank and beaches. These included diverting stormwater away from the bank, designing and constructing the beach access stairway in modules that could be taken apart and reset as the bank erodes, constructing a sacrificial dune in the stairways landing area to reduce the impact of erosion from the stairway, and developing a planting plan following construction to stabilize the impacted area.