Town Beach Stabilization, Hingham


DCI staff is currently completing the design and permitting for the stabilization of the Town Beach in Hingham.


During the 2013-2014 winter storm season a portion of a stone revetment bank failed along with significant erosion of the beach. This erosion has resulted in town infrastructure consisting of a comfort station and parking area being threatened. These areas have heavy recreational and commercial use throughout the year.

In order to protect these significant town resources, DCI developed a beach stabilization program that provides protection to the comfort station and parking areas, while improving the recreational and natural function of the area. The project consists of the following:

• Design, permitting and reconstruction of a 75-foot long stone revetment.
• The construction of a 300-foot long concrete block wall that provides a last line of protection for the parking lot. The wall will be set behind the coastal bank and will be buried. The surface area above and around the wall will be planted with native coastal vegetation.
• A multi-modal trail has been designed along the coastal edge of the parking lot along with new design for parking and traffic flow, resulting in a safe and more user friendly parking lot.
• A beach nourishment plan will be developed to replenish the beach with sand that erodes and migrates along the shore and is deposited at the base of the Town boat ramp and marina.

A geotechnical investigation for the project was completed. The subsurface exploration consists of a series of boring and test pits required to design coastal bank rip rap stabilization and for the foundation for retaining wall which will protect the Town’s infrastructure. A geotechnical memorandum summarized the subsurface conditions and provided recommendations for earthwork and foundations.

Permits include an Order of Conditions from the Hingham Conservation Commission, and additional permitting through the Army Corp of Engineers and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.