Sanitary Sewer Rehap & I/I Reduction, Medfield


DCI has been assisting the Town of Medfield on wide variety of engineering, water & sewer, GIS, and environmental services over the years.


DCI staff worked closely with the Town to and the DEP to obtain a State Revolving Fund (SRF) low interest loan to fund the Sewer Rehabilitation construction project and development of a detailed I/I reduction program that:

  • Rehabilitates collapsing and leaking sewer pipes and manholes,
  • Improves management for the Town of its overall water balance, and
  • Alleviates excessive flow and stress on the Town’s WWTP.

The DCI staff subsequently prepared Construction Documents for Public Bidding based on TV inspections of suspected areas of I/I, of older vitrified clay pipes in the downtown sections and of pipe joints and manholes in the 36”sewer interceptor line to the treatment plant that runs along the Charles River. These areas had previously been determined to have excessive I/I and/or pipe fractures or collapses.

DCI staff also provided Construction Administration services during I/I construction which employed cured-in-place pipe lining, sewer manhole mortar and epoxy sealing, and pipe joint repair techniques.