St. Adelaide’s Church Crossing, Peabody


DCI improved the pedestrian crossing in front of St. Adelaide’s Church in Peabody.


Following a tragic accident at the crossing in front of St. Adelaide’s Church on Lowell Street, the City of Peabody requested that DCI perform an engineering assessment of the crosswalk and associated signs and signals.

Phase 1 of the project included a detailed traffic assessment of the existing conditions, an evaluation of the appropriateness of all potential traffic control devices at the midblock crosswalk location, and recommendations  for proposed improvements.

Phase 2 included several design submittals leading up to the 100% design plans, project specifications, and a detailed construction cost estimate.

The project included the installation of a button-operated pedestrian light. Additionally, a flashing yellow light at the crosswalk was replaced with a new light that remains green for motorists until a button is pushed at either end of the crosswalk. A traditional walk signal turns into a digital countdown for pedestrians. The curbing was also redone, and the crosswalk was repainted and widened from 8 to 10 feet. DCI’s engineering design work also included an update of signage for the crosswalk site.

Peabody Mayor Ted Bettencourt said, “This solves a community need. We’ve certainly been concerned about safety in that area. This light was the appropriate step.”