Night-time aerial of Somerville Avenue entering Union Square, Somerville

Bruce Cahoon Water Treatment Plant, Harwich

East Broadway Roadway and Streetscape Improvement, Somerville

Boulderwood Subdivision, Peabody

Drainage Improvements, Middlesex Ave, Somerville

Optimize Your Chapter 90 Funds

Optimize Your Chapter 90 Funds

The Chapter 90 program is a staple for Municipal Highway and Public Works Departments across Massachusetts. Executives and front-line workers alike are well acquainted with what it does and does not do. However, not all cities and towns are making the most of this critical state funding program.

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Shared Streets & Spaces Grant Program Ends

Shared Streets & Spaces Grant Program Ends

On Wednesday, September 23, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) announced the award of $858,502 in the latest rounds of funding from the Shared Streets & Spaces program, one day after the window to apply closed. With the award of these new rounds of funding, the program will have given out a total of $8.5 million to fund 99 projects in 85 municipalities across the Commonwealth, of which 60% are Environmental Justice communities. This new round will provide $868,301.35 to projects in seven municipalities, of which 71% are Environmental Justice communities.

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DCI delivers creative design and engineering services to municipal and state agency clients throughout Massachusetts, including transportation, integrated water management, geotechnical and solid waste projects.


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