In trying times like these, we appreciate our loyal clients, friends and employees more than ever. Amid the increasing devastation caused by the COVID-19 virus on our people and our economy, we want to stress that Design Consultants is taking appropriate precautions to address this serious threat. While we remain officially open as an essential provider of services to our state’s critical infrastructure, every employee who can work remotely from home is doing so. Those few who need to be in the office to keep the firm operational are minimizing the hours and days that they are there. Anyone in the office is of course practicing social distancing and using conference calling and online tools instead of in-person meetings. Anyone who shows the slightest signs of illness — which thankfully has not yet happened — or is in a high-risk category would also be instructed to work from home exclusively.

In this way, we are continuing to move our vital projects forward and servicing our clients in the best way possible during this crisis. This is a fluid situation that we are monitoring closely, however, and we may change our response as conditions warrant. We are staying vigilant to do what we can do to slow or stop the spread of this insidious disease, and we hope you are too.

All of us at DCI wish you the best of safety and health in these uncertain times, that the disruption caused by COVID-19 abates as quickly as possible, and that you and yours get through it in good health.