Feel like a number? At Design Consultants, Inc. (DCI), you aren’t just a cog in a giant wheel. You’ll never have your life or your career affected by decisions made hundreds of miles away by people you’ve never met. At DCI, everything you do has a great influence on the firm’s success, you have direct access to our leaders and our clients, and you have far greater control over your own career path than you would at most other firms.

Confident? Some engineers can’t handle this kind of responsibility, but you’re not intimidated that your individual work is such a prominent part of every project and the firm’s portfolio. You aren’t afraid to be creative or to take the lead.

Job Satisfaction. You like that our work is diverse, and that you may be working on a major arterial redesign one day and a private site development the next. You appreciate growing faster as an engineer and gaining experience at a rate that your peers at other firms can’t touch. And you love that DCI is located in vibrant, exciting Assembly Square in Somerville, easily accessible by car, bike or public transportation, with free parking. You enjoy a compensation and benefits package that exceeds industry standards for a firm of our size, and you find the flexible workplace policies a breath of fresh air. You might even be an owner some day.

Are we a fit? This is what DCI has to offer that other firms don’t. We have ample work in the pipeline for transportation, commercial development, environmental and land survey projects, and we need engineering professionals with 2-10 years of experience to help us keep our growing group of new and longstanding clients satisfied and coming back for more. 

Contact us. If you want to work at a firm that values every employee, that believes unequivocally in a proper work-life balance, and that strives for individual and firm-wide success, send us a resume and brief cover letter so we can talk and see if DCI is a mutual fit for you.