Post-Closure Use, Municipal Landfill, Weymouth


The Town of Weymouth hired Design Consultants and Kyle Zick Architects to design and permit a Post-Closure Use (PCU) over their existing closed landfill.


The PCU will be for a public park with trails connecting the Great Esker Park trail network to the entrance of the Wharf Street landfill. The proposed “lower” alignment of the trail will closely follow an existing gravel roadway that meanders along the Back River tidelands. This “lower” roadway closely hugs the salt marsh edge and winds its way to the upper elevations of the landfill, providing for panoramic views of the Back River. At about the site’s highest elevation, a new “upper” paved trail will break away from the existing roadway and cut through the grassy field that caps the landfill, heading directly to the southernmost elbow of the existing paved trail in Great Esker Park. Other anticipated components of the project include a pedestrian overlook, interpretive and cautionary signage, wayfinding and directional markers, and some seating. We are also planning to extend all existing gas vents to a height of 10 feet.

DCI is the solid waste expert and civil engineer, designing and permitting the passive recreational trail network in accordance with 310 CMR 19.142(5) Post Closure Requirements, 310 CMR 19.143 Post Closure Use of Landfills and the Department’s Landfill Technical Guidance Manual. Our work includes:

  • Conducting a file review of all existing environmental assessment, landfill closure and post-closure monitoring data, and Site permitting history;
  • Conducting a Method 3 Quantitative Risk Assessment for the exposure of residents to potential landfill gases;
  • Assisting with the design of the PCU;
  • Submitting a Major Modification PCU Application (BWP SW 36) to the Department of Environmental Protection Southeast Regional Office; and
  • Filing a Notice of Intent with the Weymouth Conservation Commission.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the landfill cover system includes four components:

  • Continuation of the quarterly landfill gas monitoring network;
  • Evaluation of the near surface air quality through field screening of the PCU area;
  • Evaluation of individual passive gas vents through field screening
  • Evaluation of air quality through laboratory testing in and around the PCU area.