Water Distribution System Mapping  & Hydraulic Model, Norwell


DCI staff is assisting the Norwell Water Department in completing a town-wide aerial mapping project of their water system.


DCI staff worked directly with the water department staff to map the existing infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. DCI staff provided the local foreman with a set of existing condition maps, with which he could make as-built changes, or “mark-ups,” as his department schedule and costs allowed. As the mark-ups were incorporated into the revised Water GIS, DCI provided updated maps to him. This process was then repeated on a regular basis to improve the overall accuracy of the information.

The mapping included the following:

  • Water mains
  • Hydrants
  • Gate Valves
  • Tanks and
  • Pump Station

The final data was incorporated into the Town-wide GIS system for inter-departmental use. DCI staff also provided final infrastructure system maps were also provide to the town in full size, ½ size and pdf format.

Upon the completion on the system mapping, DCI staff worked to incorporate the information into a hydraulic model for the Town. The final model was provided to the Town in both a WaterCAD format as well as an EPAnet version. This allows the Town and DCI several options for software and modeling capabilities as the system is evaluated in the future. The project aids the Town in developing a more accurate hydraulic model for system evaluation.