“I have to say that I am beyond ecstatic at how beautiful this is,” Jess Turner, Clarendon Hills resident and co-president of the tenants association told the Somerville Journal for an article that was posted online September 13, 2019, and that appeared in the weekly newspaper on September 19. “We support this; we can’t wait to get out of our disgusting units and finally into homes that we can breathe in. This is wonderful.”

DCI is the civil engineering and traffic consultant for the project development team, which includes the Partnership of Affordable Housing (POAH), Redgate, the Somerville Housing Authority and the Somerville Community Corporation.

The article, titled “Somerville Will Soon Have a New Clarendon Hills,” goes on to say, “With designs completed, the team will now begin to move through the zoning approval process which is anticipated to be all set by the end of the year. Relocation of residents will most likely begin in early 2020.”

The image above was part of a presentation that the team made to city officials and Clarendon Hills residents on September 11, 2019. It shows the roadway improvements and Complete Streets components of the DCI-led site design. The image below is a rendering of the planned development, showing the view from Alewife Brook Parkway.