Night-time aerial of Somerville Avenue entering Union Square, Somerville

Bruce Cahoon Water Treatment Plant, Harwich

East Broadway Roadway and Streetscape Improvement, Somerville

Boulderwood Subdivision, Peabody

Drainage Improvements, Middlesex Ave, Somerville

Still No Infrastructure Plan

It's 2019. Where's the Infrastructure Fix? More than two years into his presidency, Donald Trump’s highly touted $1.5 billion infrastructure plan has never materialized. The reason is simple; the dynamics that blocked more infrastructure investment prior to Trump’s...

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Feel Like a Number?

Feel like a number? At Design Consultants, Inc. (DCI), you aren't just a cog in a giant wheel. You'll never have your life or your career affected by decisions made hundreds of miles away by people you've never met. At DCI, everything you do has a great influence...

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Chuckie Harris Park, Somerville

This $950K park project was designed to provide more green space to the neighborhood and reduce air pollution, as the park abuts Route I-93. The engineering scope included drainage, utilities and stormwater management design. DCI coordinated all utility and drainage design with landscape layout and grading, ensuring a compatible design from subsurface utilities to the above-grade park features.

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DCI delivers creative design and engineering services to municipal and state agency clients throughout Massachusetts, including transportation, integrated water management, geotechnical and solid waste projects.


Owners and developers of commercial properties — including retail, office, hospitality and mixed-use structures — rely on DCI’s engineers, planners and surveyors to deliver high-value services that achieve their strategic project goals.


Institutional projects constitute a growing percentage of DCI’s portfolio, including K-12 schools, health care, religious organizations and charitable foundations, recreation and additional public- and private-sector institutional facilities


DCI assists residential developers across a wide variety of project types, including single-family communities, mixed-use construction and conversion, affordable and market-rate apartments, senior living and other structures that people call home.

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DCI is a civil engineering, transportation planning, water/wastewater, environmental consulting and land surveying company.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ diverse project and business challenges.

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DCI is a civil engineering, transportation planning, water/wastewater, environmental consulting and land surveying company.

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